A Look at the Moon
by Abigail Ruth Gallagher
(Age 10)

A look at the moon,
A look at the sky,
A look at the birds flying by.

I hear a lie,
I hear someone's cry,
I see a tear fall from her eye.

I feel a face,
I feel her fear,
I hear her heart,
I hear a "bye".
I feel her footsteps walking by.

The Candles Light
by Abigail Ruth Gallagher
(Age 10)

The candles light
The stars come out
The silence flows
Through the night

The owl's hoot
The wolf howls
The moon shines freely
Through the night

The grass is wet
The sky is misty
The sun patiently peers
Over the mountains
Making a colorful glow

Night Approaches
by Abigail Ruth Gallagher
(Age 10)

The meadow's clear
The sky is open

The light is fading
As the minutes go by.

The night's approaching,
The sun fades behind the mountain
As the moon starts to glow.

The stars light up.
The night has come.

A Wonderful Day
by Abigail Ruth Gallagher
(Age 10)

The Sun is out shining bright
it makes such a beautiful sight.

The Field is open, the birds are flying
the mountains are high
in the baby-blue sky.

I joyfully say,
"This is a wonderful day!"