by Rev. Eric R Towse

Down the path of life we often see
a light so bright we turn to flee
When from that light a voice so clear
calls to us, “Stop!” and to draw near.
The source of light and voice is He
who made us, knows us, and sets us free
From all the snares and traps of life
who holds our hand in the darkest night.

“Why turn from light?” He asks of us
knowing full-well our lack of trust
Has placed us nearly beyond His grasp
He calls to us to make us fast
Unto the love that knows no bounds
and from His lips the joyous sound
Of words that tell the lost they’re found.

And through the separation-miles of space
comes His arm to us embrace.
The Shepherd of the flock has done
what He promised to the ones
Who first submitted to His care
that for ‘een one sheep he’d search and stare
Throught the bleakest black and dark of night
to find the one who’s lost in fright.

And so we now have come to know
the type of love that’s God’s to show
It leads us to this glorious thought
that Jesus saves those who He bought.
So if you see in some dark place
a light, a shining, glowing face.
Turn to Him — you’ll know His voice!
He’s come to find His Father’s choice.