A Book of Poems by:

Abigail Ruth Gallagher


Firemen's Prayer. (mp3) by Arlene Towse. Words by Marie Elena Wilson. Music by Tom Destefano.


"In the Order of Their Birth" - An Examination of the Names of the 12 Tribes of Israel and their Meaning.

Excerpt: These are the names that were listed, in the order of their birth, on the Ephod displayed on the chest of the High Priest of the Israelites. But why in the order of their birth?

"A Genesis Chronology" - A timeline of events in the Book of Genesis calculated from year zero as the creation of Adam.

Excerpt: This is the only book in the Bible that is so exacting in its account of events until the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah are chronicled. These mathematical relationships to the years of birth, lifetime, and death in Genesis all “fit” giving further credibility to God’s Word.

"The Gap Theory Unmasked" - Is the Bible's account of creation accurate or is something missing?

Excerpt: While the Holy Spirit encouraged the faithful to stand firm with the Word of God, some were misled into believing Darwin’s conclusions and began a frantic search of the Scriptures in an attempt to reconcile Creation with Darwin.

"The Door" (.pdf) - "Behold I stand at the door and knock. . . ", but at whose door?

Excerpt: Note well that the Bible nowhere teaches that the doors to some hearts are locked while the doors to the hearts of others are open, for we were all alike: born into sin—alien to God and His Kingdom. God, in His infinite love and mercy comes to us and knocks on our door. Were that not so, Rev 3:20 would have read, “If you hear a knock at the door, it’s not I. If the Father chooses you, specifically, I will be given the key and will enter.”

His Father's Choice - A poem

"Anno Domini - Year of Our Lord" - A unique opportunity to witness!

Excerpt: For the past quarter century or so there has been a successful movement in academia away from the “A.D.” and “B.C.” designations. Frequently, C.E. replaces A.D. and B.C.E. replaces B.C. C.E. stands for Common Era, referring to today. B.C.E. stands for BeforeCommon Era.

"The Missing Ministry Gift" - The Role of the Apostle in the church today.

Excerpt: But do we really believe that all ministries of Ephesians 4 are for today? Let us examine our practices, for actions speak louder than words.

"Following in Their Footsteps" - Are Christians repeating the history of ancient Israel?

Excerpt: Today some Christians are not satisfied with the promise of Jesus to prepare a “mansion in heaven” for the believer according to John 14:1-3 but, like the Jews of Roman-occupied Palestine, demand a “Messiah-king” for the modern State of Israel!

"The Assurance of Salvation" - The True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ

Excerpt: God guarantees this inheritance because of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary’s cross.

"God Bless America_" - Exclamation Point! or Question Mark?

Excerpt: God was always faithful. He delivered His people, but only after they turned to Him having confessed their sins and repented. The enemies of ancient Israel were always soundly defeated, that is, until Israel’s next apostasy.